The secret to moving forward is getting started

We are ready to help you realize your startup

Setting up a successful startup is a complex challenge, a sequence of actions, thoughts and goals to be carried out in the right sequence.

Thanks to our experience in this field, we have developed a 5-step framework. Structured on the best Best Practices and methodologies on the market, we aim to minimize the risk of failure and create the best opportunities to turn your project into reality.


To start, we must first select and then...


We validate the idea by providing a roadmap and supporting its development


We support and prepare the “Go-to-market”


We plan and build crowdfunding campaign and projects


We scout for the best financial and business partners

Test your idea without quitting your job

This is the method we use at SEI to help you develop your project in the best possible way.

Through the expertise gained from years of developing ideas and creating startups and business projects, we are able to give you the support you need to launch your idea, thanks to 4 training sessions where we work together.

Incubatore SEI has an Organization Management System certified by Audit Service in conformity with ISO 9001:2015 standard.